Teach the World to Fish

62A41F19-0774-4053-AC16-114A3C6C4A30Our parents always told us to “clean our plates” so we would not be wasteful as they pointed out that others around the world were not so fortunate to have abundant food. As an adult, I have seen hunger around the world at the same time as many of us in the US throw away so much food—about 40% of US food goes to waste! It is obviously a complex problem and the old Chinese proverb comes to mind: Give them a fish and they eat for a day; teach them to fish and they eat for a lifetime. How do we teach the world to “fish”?

2 thoughts on “Teach the World to Fish”

  1. Good post to ponder on. Back to basics in our school systems might be helpful. Also, parents teaching children to be resourceful in every way and not wasteful is a great start.

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