Physician Shortage??

88C87311-814C-487F-924F-7A7652E5F908.jpegDo we have a physician shortage? Like so many areas of healthcare, the answer is not straightforward or clear. I personally believe we do NOT have a shortage of physicians; instead, there is a lack of good distribution and efficiency.  The legal and administrative demands on physicians have limited their ability to care for the numbers of patients they should easily manage with a more common sense approach. The responses to a perceived shortage seem dangerous to me. For example, we have increased the number of medical students in school, but their clinical experience and training often suffer. It seems we are generating physicians and not educating them sometimes. I believe we have set sail on a treacherous course in healthcare and the strong winds of  overregulation are blowing us away. We need practicing physicians at the helm. Too often, physician input comes from those hired by the government, hospitals and insurance companies.

3 thoughts on “Physician Shortage??”

  1. I agree that a better distribution of physicians will help the shortage but a larger shortage is coming. It’s estimated that 1/3 of currently practicing physicians will retire in the next five years.
    The AMA has intentionally kept Medical school enrollments flat to ensure that physicians remain in high demand. If not for the AOA we would be in even worse shape .

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    1. There is a similar problem in Britain, made even worse by a system designed to keep foreign doctors out unless they are prepared to practically retrain.


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