When my brother died at age 24 in 1973, I remember my grandmother saying, “Never to have suffered means never to have been blessed.” That was a hard message to hear then and one that still can be difficult to understand. Through the years, I have come to realize that it is the tough times that allow us to appreciate the good ones. As I contemplate this situation, I try to focus on the fact that God sees all of us, living and dead, the same. Our mortal minds cannot possibly comprehend the infinite wisdom of our Creator. Today at work, an atheist stated that he only believes in the facts of science. As a scientist myself who sees the many associated shortcomings of the scientific world, I paused and thanked God for my wisdom to know all the blessings He has bestowed upon me.

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  1. “Today at work, an atheist stated that he only believes in the facts of science. As a scientist myself who sees the many associated shortcomings of the scientific world, I paused and thanked God for my wisdom to know all the blessings He has bestowed upon me.”

    What type of scientist are you? I’m a geologist and also an atheist since there is no evidence for the claims of Christianity or any other religion.

    As for the claim that we must know pain to know pleasure, how does this work in the claim of heaven?


    1. Wow, have you actually studied the scriptures? Did a scientist create the universe? We can’t create a single living cell, not to mention complex organisms. And there is lots of evidence when you are open minded enough to see it.


      1. I used to be a Christian and yep, I’ve read the bible and studied it. Many Christians have studied the bible and funny how they come up with different answers than you.

        Nope, we can’t yet make a cell or anything else yet. And nope, no evidence but you are welcome to present what you think is evidence for your version of your god. The issue that theists have is that most, if not all of them, try to claim that their version of their god is the only creator, and none of you have any evidence of this at all.

        What kind of scientist are you? I see you may be a physician, which does rely on the sciences. Considering that your bible says that any baptized believer in Christ as savior can heal people of sickness and injury (Mark 16 and James 5), why do humans need doctors at all?

        I would also like an answer to my question about your claims about pain and pleasure work with the Chrisitan claims about heaven and also with the idea of Eden. Could we have not been able to know that they are perfect without the idea of misery?


      2. I don’t have all the answers, and I believe only The Spirit can convict you. But I can pray. We are given spiritual gifts and talents and God works through us in this way. I have a gift of healing, but Science is just one way to look at things and guess who created it? We live in a fallen world and the enemy desperately tries to seduce us. Pride and vanity are some of the enemy’s favorite tools. Evidence is all around us that God exists. The enemy is the master of confusion and wants us to doubt. There are lots of good books that can help illuminate the evidence for God, but people have to make their own choice to believe. I choose a God of love and forgiveness and peace and grace, etc.


      3. I know you don’t have all of the answers. Most Christians don’t when the hard questions are asked, but they do insist that they have the answers otherwise when they want to clam that they know what this god wants and that their interpretation of the bible is the only “right” one.

        You can indeed pray, so what are you praying for? You are doctor so you don’t have a gift of healing, you have years of hard work and knowledge that was gained by humans, not this god. If this god is theh source of this knowledge, one has to wonder why this god hated so many humans that it waited for thousands of years before “giving” the knowledge of anesthesia, antibiotics, chemotherapy, the germ theory, surgery, etc to humans. How many died because it didn’t get around to those things?

        This god didn’t create this world or the sciences, and each religion makes the same claims as you, “only X” can convince you, and only my religion is the other way to look at things. There is no evidence of a “fallen world”, just a world that would be exactly like you’d expect with no magic. It’s a just-so story to explain why misery exists for every one, and to excuse a god that screwed up mightily in Eden, either intentionally allowing the snake in or being too ignorant to keep it out.

        Most, if not all, religions make the claim that “evidence is all around us that shows “god X” exists”. No theist can show that it is their version of their god or that there are any gods at all. As for doubting, Jesus had no problem with doubt if we are to believe your bible. Jesus supposedly gave evidence. Now, we see nothing and Christians are desperate for some.

        You may choose a god of love, etc, but that’s not the one in the bible. You’ve made your god up in your own image. That is a good thing since plenty of Christians have a god of hate, ignorance and violence, all just as biblical as the peace and love parts.


      4. You are correct in that many Christians do not even know the tenants of Christianity. But I did not make up God in my image: He made us in His. His glory shines in the heavens and on earth. As a scientist, you can understand how the chances of a human being evolving from a primordial soup (or even a single living cell which gives an amazing headstart) are far beyond statistical odds even if our universe is many billions of years old. And time, by the way, is a human developed time—God doesn’t conform to our time standards. Our human minds are not capable of understanding God, but that doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. And He sent His Son to bear the burden of our sins on The Cross. There is a great documentary, presented in a legal court format, proving that indeed His death on the Cross and His resurrection was a historical event that changed the world, including our “time”—BC to AC. There is so much evidence. He loves you and wants you as an eternal friend, but He lets you choose.


      5. In that each Christian makes up what this god wants and needs, you have indeed made your god in your image. Each theist, claims that his god “shines in the heavens” and all of you have the same evidence: none.

        As a scientist, I know that there is plenty of chances for a human evolving from chemicals that form in a certain way thanks to the laws of physics. Billions of years and billions of chemical reactions have no problem with making life. I know statistics so I know that creationists lie when they make the silly claims based on Hoyle’s junkyard nonsense. Hoyle assumed one junkyard and one tornado in a short amount of time. We know that the statistical result is “1” aka it happened, since we have evidence that humans come from chemicals, not some magical god.

        You also try a common Christian claim that your god is beyond time. That doesn’t work with what the bible says since this god requires time to react and to do things. The nonsense that this god is somehow beyond time is an invention by Christian to come up with excuses on why this god fails constantly.

        There is no evidence for a god, so there is no god to understand. The claim that humans can’t understand god is yet another thing invented by theists because they needed an excuse to explain away why their god is so ignorant and primitive. They have to assume that there must be some magical secret that this god has to be genocidal, to kill children for the actions of their parents, etc. Since Christian do claim to understand this god, which is it? Do you only understand your god when you like what it does and that you don’t understand it when youdon’t like what it does? Convenient isn’t it?

        There is no evidence for Jesus Christ, Son of God, so trying to claim to me that this story is a fact doesn’t work. At best, an itinerant rabbi wandered around declaring he was the messiah like many did during that time period. That is not the god you worship, is it?

        It is unsurprising that you can’t even mention one bit of this supposed evidence you claim. As per your bible, this god doesn’t want me as an eternal friend and it doesn’t let me choose (Romans 8 and 9). Lying about what is in the bible, either intentionally or out of willful ignorance doesn’t help your case. The idea of BC to AD is a convention invented by humans who wanted to pretend this happened. It is no more evidence for your god than Thursday being evidence that Thor exists.

        I’m guessing you might mean “The Case for Christ” as your documentary, which is based on the books by Lee Strobel. That is a documentary meant to shore up the flagging faith of Christians. Lee Strobel is very inept as an apologist and I’ve read his books. For instance, he tries to claim that since there are a lot of copies of the bible, this means it is true. IF that were the case, then Dianetics would be true. He also tries to claim that since the bible makes the claim that 500 people saw Jesus resurrected that the story must be true. What Strobel ignores is that the bible stories are the claim, not the evidence. There need to be evidence supporting these stories. Strobel tries to claim that ancient people wrote about Jesus but that isn’t the case. What they wrote about is what they heard Christians believed. There are no eyewitness accounts from these ancient writers or from the apostles. We also have no one noticing that Jesus Christ existed. The Romans didn’t note that there was a wannabee messiah wandering around occupied Palestine with a Roman legion’s worth of men (plus women and children). No one noticed the dead ancient Jews wandering around Jerusalem on Passover. There was no census that made people go back to where they were born, nor was there a “slaughter of the innocents”. That people did believe in Jesus is nothing new, since people believe in many silly things, like the Heaven’s Gate people who believed that they were going to be taken away by aliens and cut off their penises and killed themselves because of this belief.

        The dating idea of BC (Before Christ)-AD (Anno Domni – Year of the Lord) and was started in the 6th century, so there is no reason to think that anyone got a date right thanks to the bible not getting details straight. There’s a lot of things wrong with this system, as you’ll see here:


      6. Well, by your standards (based on whatever you choose), nothing can be proven. And that is your right. Not much hope in atheism. You have some knowledge of Christianity, but little understanding. That is your choice. Pride often stands in the way. Save your defenses for judgement day-whether you believe it or not, you will have to explain it to God. He loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for everyone who believes. Believing is a choice, but it is eternal life, unlike the alternatives. Prayers.


      7. Nothing but math can be proven. There are many things that can be shown highly likely in probability to be true. In that we have no evidence for the essential claims in the bible, and we have only claims, there is not a high probability that the claims in the bible are true.

        I have plenty of understanding of Christianity, and yes, every Christian tells everyone who disagrees with them, including other Christians, that they have “little understanding” which is just another baseless claim.

        Atheism isn’t about hope. What gives me hope is the actions of humanity.

        As for “judgement day”, it’s been over two thousand years that Christians have been making their failed prophecies and nothing has happened. Every Christian dies knowing that their god failed again, their sadistic fantasies not coming true.

        If the bible is true, then your god didn’t love anyone “so much”. It screwed up in either letting the serpent into eden on purpose or was unable to keep it out. Then it screwed around for supposed millenia trying to correct its mistake, finally getting around to insisting it needed a torture sacrifice to make itself happy. Then we have a “second coming” where this god kills all of the non-believers, chains up Satan, has JC ruling over the earth and then has to let Satan lose again to corrupt Christians. (Revelation 19-21). That’s quite a god you have.


      8. What are you praying for? So we can tell if it works. And allow what spirit? The holy spirit? Well, your bible says that some people are damned through no fault of their own since it keeps those people unable to accept it.

        What a god.


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