1AAF07B4-93E0-4F61-87B3-016C7F41055FStress is universal—we all experience it. And not all stress is bad. It may help us prepare for challenges ahead and warn us of dangers. But, in excess, it can adversely affect our health in multiple ways, even leading to our demise. As a physician, stress is all around me and it seems to attack me when I am most vulnerable. How we deal with stress is critical for our well being. I pray and exercise and meditate and talk to friends to deal with mine. What are your biggest stresses and how  do you cope with them?


A1A08AE7-6E30-4496-96CF-B219CC2FD268Have been thinking about what causes me to be in a good vs bad mood. There are so many internal and external factors. It seems we live in An Age of Anxiety, which seems contrary to the many luxuries we now have. When everything seems to be going right and a good mood prevails, a single negative incident can create a bad mood. No one wants to be around someone in a bad mood, so perhaps bad moods are good sometimes allowing one to get personal time. Even thinking about this topic puts me in a MOOd😉