Climate Change

6063E66D-6871-4FA1-BBF4-33C14D0D62E6Climate Change
Recently there has been much discussion of climate change, global warming, etc. Glaciers are melting faster than ever before and sea levels are rising. Severe weather extremes occur more frequently and tornado alley is shifting southeasterly. Certainly we humans are contributing with our enormous production of carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants. Despite the controversies, it seems reasonable to practice more environmentally safe principles. We should use a common sense approach as we are the stewards of our own environment.

Our Future

D73F5F47-EBCF-49C0-A520-240537573623.jpegWhat does the future look like for our next generation? The national debt continues to grow rapidly, currently at over $21 T.
The Social Security Trust Fund will be broke by 2034. The cost of everything is escalating, including taxes. There is global pollution and climate changes, terrorism, starvation, wars, overpopulation. We are teaching our children anything goes, they are entitled to whatever they want, work is optional, any discipline is abuse and unacceptable, and someone else is always responsible.
Obviously we have to change this course by using common sense and rewarding good behavior. Individual freedoms must come with personal responsibility.