Prince Bowie

B9828348-F3EC-45B0-B64F-06D2668E9BA6Last night, I attended a company’s anniversary party where a band played music from the 80’s. The music brought back wonderful memories of my young adult life. It also reminded me of my daughter’s Golden Doodle, Prince Bowie, featured in this painting and named after two great musicians who performed many great music hits in the 1980’s and died the year her dog was born. Creative people definitely make our world more beautiful.


Daydreaming is a time when your brain focuses on whatever it wants and it allows you to feel peace and hope and to relieve stress. I believe it is the opposite of mindfulness. Daydreaming allows you to be creative and imaginative and to solve problems. It seems to me that while our societal demands require more and more protocols, our ability to think is disappearing.