Common Sense

532469B5-81A1-4703-89F7-A3B7A8228FAC.jpegCommon Sense
Common sense is the sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts. We commonly say that common sense is not common, and I often ponder why not. Perhaps we rely upon the opinion of others instead of being critical thinkers ourselves. Our education system and our media rich world constantly bombard us with bits of information, often aimed at influencing us to change our opinion/behavior. Whenever l read “news” on the internet, I try to read the comments because more often than not, the comments give a more realistic view.


Mr. Jefferson is the Father of The University ofVirginia, my alma mater, as well as my three children’s. Today it ranks high in so many categories of college rankings. While I am proud to be a Wahoo, I do believe we must change the fundamentals of our educational system in this country. The cost of college has skyrocketed in my lifetime and leaves so many graduates indebted for years to come. Of course, I believe in the value of education, but it has to be affordable while preparing graduates for professions that generate enough income to be self sufficient.