351FBCCB-F333-4799-BC17-B040AA81A1DBThe Mediterranean Diet and DASH Diet are the “best” diets of 2018.  But there are so many diets and so many opinions about what foods are associated with longevity.  I believe that the number of nutritional health experts is growing faster than our knowledge of the subject. Though there are studies supporting a variety of these claims, a large ongoing trial on longevity shows no significant difference with respect to diet.
It seems to me that moderation in eating and staying physically active is the best compromise.


1AAF07B4-93E0-4F61-87B3-016C7F41055FStress is universal—we all experience it. And not all stress is bad. It may help us prepare for challenges ahead and warn us of dangers. But, in excess, it can adversely affect our health in multiple ways, even leading to our demise. As a physician, stress is all around me and it seems to attack me when I am most vulnerable. How we deal with stress is critical for our well being. I pray and exercise and meditate and talk to friends to deal with mine. What are your biggest stresses and how  do you cope with them?

Ballroom Dancing


Ballroom dancing may actually prevent dementia!! Wow, what a fun and healthy way to exercise!! Through the years I have episodically taken lessons, but only recently have I had the opportunity to perform in public. Several years ago I participated in our local Dancing With The Stars. Since then, I have danced the same routines for a couple of their fundraisers. Despite my insecurities with my own dancing skills, I love it and cannot wait to dance again🕺🏿