Today I used my “map app” on my smart phone to guide me to the exact point where someone was located. Then I used it to find a particular business location and then a county fair. We are so accustomed to this modern technology that old fashioned maps are scarce. Years ago I kept state and national maps in my car, but who does that anymore?? The art of reading and following a map is fading fast and I wonder if that will pose real threats in the future. Anyway, it is still fun to look at maps and daydream about all the places to visit and explore.
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A target is the focus of some action. By focusing precisely on that target with maximum efficiency, that target can be hit most reliably. It occurred to me that our country seems to have no clear target. Our government seems to be involved in a “Civil War” on issues that cannot be resolved. Meanwhile, issues that our important to the well being of a country are being overshadowed. We need to protect our borders and fix our healthcare, education and judicial systems. We need to revamp our infrastructure while protecting our environment. We need to respect each other as equal citizens without expecting special treatment for our differences.