Organic Food

D831AEAF-84BE-4F63-A3CC-17372DE7D452Organic Food

The definition of organic food varies widely. In general, organic food is produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides
The idea and demand is to have healthier food without a significant impact on our environment. However, the outcome of farming organically may not produce such benefits because organic agriculture costs more. From the perspective of science and consumers, there is insufficient evidence in the scientific and medical literature to support claims that organic food is either safer or healthier to eat.
There are just too many variables to consider. Common sense and moderation must prevail.


There is great power in a smile! Studies show that people who smile are happier and healthier and more successful! Perhaps this partly occurs because smiling brings happiness to others. Numerous songs and poems have been written about smiling and its positive effects. Even animals sometimes smile and that definitely brings joy to my heart. So keep smiling😃


272CAE0C-0676-4405-BD23-00A366ECDD9EMy favorite food is sushi/sashimi.  In my perfect world, I would eat it everyday.  Not sure how raw fish gained such popularity, but I am definitely on that train 🍣
Is it health food or a health risk??  My theory is my stomach acid should kill any contaminates.  Besides, it is yummy so I take my chances, usually at Osakas in Richmond or Osakas in Bristol. (No business affiliation)
Salmon and tuna are my preference!  Can vegetables really qualify as “sushi”?? Throw on the soy sauce and wasabi and maybe so😜