Creative Gifts

D39C6416-5D27-4FC9-8181-73D6CE2A6DD3Creative Gifts
My artist daughter has created a beautiful 2020 calendar complete with high quality prints of her art, which can be cut out for framing. It will make a lovely gift for anyone. She has also illustrated my son’s first book and it is perfect for anyone who enjoys reading fantasy. Together they have created a masterpiece, with two more books to follow. In this holiday season, these gifts offer uniqueness and beauty. Check her artwork out at and his book at


F9A3F2F9-400D-4E08-B92B-2490B935BA22This book is a Masterpiece!! The epic tale of Benjamin Bolden as he descends into the Pit and proceeds to find his way out keeps you reading nonstop. His adventures are perilous as he struggles to escape evil, with the aid of the powerful forces of good. Tisdale’s writing captivates your attention and teases you with more to come… I can’t wait for Book 2 of this trilogy.
Use the link below to get your copy and if you like, please write a review.