15D33CEB-02EF-474A-BDBF-6C4AC58399C1“So all Israel brought up the ark of the covenant of the Lord with shouting, to the sound of the horn, trumpets, and cymbals, and made loud music on harps and lyres.”
‭‭1 Chronicles‬ ‭15:28‬ ‭ESV‬‬

μουσική is the Greek word from which music is derived, meaning “art of the muses”.
Put in simple terms, music is organized sounds. There are many classifications describing the sounds and categorizing them. What is noise to some is music to the ears for others. Different cultures prefer their own music styles and it is often used as “universal language”.
For me music is a way to express feelings, which evokes various feelings from others. Obviously it is a powerful language as the music industry is huge worldwide.

Bluebird of Happiness

B6B18BD9-358B-4AAA-AF30-00388C2BA131.jpegThe bluebird is a symbol of happiness, joy, delight, prosperity and good health. The Iroquois tradition says that they ward off the icy power of Sawiskera, the spirit of winter. They were originally coined the “bluebird of happiness” by Maurice Maeterlinck in his 1908 play. Even modern songwriters have portrayed bluebirds as muses. Some believe they bring messages from angels and the spirit world. Whatever the case, they are beautiful and like many things in nature, bring joy to our hearts. Don’t forget to celebrate National Bluebird of Happiness Day on September 24!