Practicing gratitude means being thankful for what we have to the degree that we feel more kindness toward the world. It can effect positive changes in lives and research shows that people can augment their gratitude by counting their blessings and writing letters of thanks. This proactive acknowledgement can increase well-being, health, and happiness. Being grateful, especially expressing it, is associated with increased optimism, energy, and empathy.

Rose Colored Glasses

D09CC6BE-D286-4008-A801-37060DCD5857.jpegOptismism positively impacts our lives in so many ways. With my patients, I see daily how much a positive attitude can help their recovery. Sometimes people do need medications to help them see through rose colored glasses, but focusing on one’s blessings can certainly achieve those results as well. As it has been said, “We can complain because a rose has thorns or rejoice because thorns have roses”