When we have ownership in something, we definitely tend to take the best care of it. I have been renting my house out parttime and while most guests are good, some are clearly careless. I would never do some of these destructive things to my home.
I believe that we all need to take more ownership, especially in our country. Those who have to pay their way tend to limit their spending, but those who are not required to pay seem to have no concern for costs. We see this everyday in healthcare. Many people who have to pay will sacrifice their health to save money, while those not required to pay clog up the system. While I am happy to help anyone regardless of financial resources, the current system is not fair.

Our Future

D73F5F47-EBCF-49C0-A520-240537573623.jpegWhat does the future look like for our next generation? The national debt continues to grow rapidly, currently at over $21 T.
The Social Security Trust Fund will be broke by 2034. The cost of everything is escalating, including taxes. There is global pollution and climate changes, terrorism, starvation, wars, overpopulation. We are teaching our children anything goes, they are entitled to whatever they want, work is optional, any discipline is abuse and unacceptable, and someone else is always responsible.
Obviously we have to change this course by using common sense and rewarding good behavior. Individual freedoms must come with personal responsibility.