For many of us, Friday is the day each week we anticipate the ending of our scheduled work. We tend to cycle from an emotional low on Monday to a high on Friday. Now there is Good Friday and Black Friday and Friday the 13th, but every Friday seems to get a lot of attention as each one is packed with planned special events. There are happy hours and first Fridays and Friday night football and movies and dinners galore. Nothing seems that hard on Friday because we are near the finish line—this Friday I arrived at work at 530 am and did a full two days work, yet it seemed a breeze. If only we could approach each day as Friday…



Practicing gratitude means being thankful for what we have to the degree that we feel more kindness toward the world. It can effect positive changes in lives and research shows that people can augment their gratitude by counting their blessings and writing letters of thanks. This proactive acknowledgement can increase well-being, health, and happiness. Being grateful, especially expressing it, is associated with increased optimism, energy, and empathy.

A Rose Among Thorns

7CB652C0-03A2-4044-A0F6-EBA2669E0FECMy grandmother used to teach us, “If you don’t have something good to say, don’t say anything.” What an amazingly simple concept that can be ridiculously difficult to follow. Such an approach to life leads to a positive attitude so one always finds the rose among thorns. My critical thinking over the years has definitely lead me astray sometimes, but I keep searching for that rose and how sweet the smell !!