Multi-Med Therapy

ACD9B3D0-A279-4748-96BD-983F9EE8EF5EMulti-Med Therapy
Working on great paintings is a multi-step process. The layers combine to make a magnificent masterpiece. Likewise, our life changing skincare works because each step adds to the previous one to effect the desired changes. Rodan and Fields has grown rapidly to become the number one skincare company in North America and now it’s spreading worldwide. As a typical man, I used to wash my face with soap and occasionally use sunblock. Fortunately I discovered the benefits of great skincare and joined the RF team several years ago. At that time, I was mainly enticed by the tax deductions and residual income. But now I am hooked on the amazing products and business opportunities. If you have not tried our products, I urge you to go to and find the perfect skincare solution for you. We have a 60 day money back guarantee that allows you to experience the benefit before any financial risk. Please contact me for any questions. This company offers great products and support. This business is my fun part time job with incredible benefits.


Unbelievable Business Opportunity

DEC6614D-04A0-4B2F-85CC-15195141FD77Unbelievable Business Opportunity

Our Skincare Company, Rodan and Fields, has announced the launch of our business into Japan in 2020. This opportunity is ginormous in a company that already offers so many wonderful ways to succeed. We have an amazing armamentarium of skincare products that continues to be expanded and all the available tools and methods to implement our own franchises. Our convention this week in Nashville has rekindled my internal energy and awakened me to this extraordinary business opportunity. I am looking for like-minded people for my dream team to build a global business. Message me and let’s discuss.

Recipe for Your Best Skin

D1197BEC-9508-4DF9-8D2E-8261F17CD89FRecipe for Your Best Skin

There are many factors which affect how your skin appears. Some are not in your control, but many are. Your exposure to the sun is one of the main risk factors for skin damage and aging. Limiting your skin’s exposure can be augmented by using sunscreen liberally. Smoking also causes microvascular damage that ages the skin and should be avoided. A healthy diet with lots of water and one that avoids processed carbohydrates and unhealthy fats seems to be best for the skin. Stress reduction with plenty of rest also optimizes skin health. These things along with good daily skincare are critical to having your best skin. My fun job is with Rodan and Fields Skincare. Our products are number one in North America and Australia and will soon launch into many other countries. This skincare has changed my skin and inspires others to use our products. The great part is that I can have my best skin and have residual income while helping others have their best skin.
Go to and find your regimen. Answer a few questions and you will receive recommendations. We have a 60 day money back guarantee so order and give us a try. Most people love our products and reorder, but you can ship it back anytime in that 60 day period and receive a full refund.
Message me for any questions or to learn more about this amazing company.

Fountain of Youth

00AE7DE7-5E6C-4F6F-B591-19A53990867AFountain of Youth

Unlike Ponce de Leon,  I do not claim to have found a fountain of youth. But…Rodan and Fields skincare products are truly life changing and can make your skin appear more youthful.  I am living proof, but just one of millions who have experienced our amazing products. Obviously beauty is more than skin deep, but good looking skin makes you feel better.  Try our products and let them change your life.  Find your regimen and order products at  And if you want to be a part of a world class team and build your own business, join us at

Youthful Skin

63EC71D8-F635-4A8B-A0F5-1ACBF000BCB0Youthful Skin
This month numerous people have commented on how I do not look my age. Some think I have had plastic surgery or Botox injections, but I owe my youthful skin to the amazing skincare products from Rodan and Fields. For the past 2 years, I have been using these products and I am a true believer in their efficacy. The products come in 2 month or more supplies and have a 60 day money back guarantee. Not only are the products awesome, but the business opportunity is ginormous! We are preparing to launch our products into new countries and the residual income potential is staggering. Check us out at

Life Changing Skincare

F7E606E2-29FF-4CF4-A746-EDDA5D43180D.jpegAs an independent consultant with the number one skincare company in North America, I do believe Rodan and Fields skincare products are life changing. Not only does my skin look younger and glowing, but also, I have a fun business that allows me flexibility and will soon give me financial independence. Check it out at to find the right regimen for your skin concerns and to shop and to join our team and live this exciting journey as we go global and become number one in the World.