287D1540-29AD-497D-82E0-7B78B65505F8Tulips, my favorite flower

Tulips did not come to the attention of the West until the sixteenth century. They were rapidly introduced into Europe and became popular during Tulip mania. Tulips were often portrayed in Dutch Golden Age paintings, and have become associated with the Netherlands, the major producer. They are very popular throughout the world, both as ornamental garden plants and as cut flowers.
Different tulip colors carry distinct meanings:
Yellow—cheerful thoughts
Red—perfect love

A tulip bouquet—elegance and grace.

Tulips bring me joy!!


British Monarchy

4A913760-07AE-436B-BC98-C77A17C46FB5 Apparently the Queen rarely exerts the power she wields as it is kept in check by the only person in the UK who can tell her what to do—herself. Though she has supreme power over many things, she allows Parliament to execute her duties so she can stay in good favor with her monarchy. The Royal Family certainly seems to focus on public image for the most part, but there is a fair amount of drama. The painting above done by my daughter depicts the recent Royal Wedding. They declined all gifts, but I feel sure they would love this original Masterpiece.