EAAFC5EC-0BD2-411A-9B75-B593F945E195Today is my Rodanniversary. What a privilege and pleasure it is helping people choose skincare products that will boost their confidence level by giving them healthier, younger-looking skin. Doctors Rodan and Fields developed Proactiv for acne and marketed it globally into a billion dollar business. Now they have created a line of skincare that addresses other skin concerns and they have allowed consultants like me to be a part of this new multi-billion dollar business. Like Proactiv, our new products are poised to expand globally, but this time, we can own a part of it. What an amazing opportunityđź‘Ťđź‘Ť

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Home on The Range

596541b1-3770-45af-a927-c819bf001d0cHome on The Range
As I reflect on this painting of The Range at UVA, I recall my time there in 3rd year medical school. It seems like only yesterday, but it was many years ago. I am reminded how quickly time passes and how I should be patient as I pursue my future goals. One of my pursuits is my skincare business and as we expand globally, I realize its potential. It takes time to build a business, but patience pays off.
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Long before SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder—1984) was appreciated, John Denver apparently understood that “Sunshine on My Shoulders makes me happy”!! (1973)
Today is a bright sunshiny day and already I feel better. Soak up the sun, but remember your SPF. Message me for life changing skincare.

Financial Freedom

C9F26E28-FD59-4358-9372-2A17429B003FFinancial Freedom
Know anyone who needs tax deductions and residual income? Rodan and Fields has become the number one skincare line in North America with its new business model. This company is truly an industry disruptor and has attracted TPG as a minority shareholding business partner as it prepares for Global expansion. With minimal risk, one can own a part of this business and build an extraordinary income, all while working from anywhere at anytime online.
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Life Changing Skincare

F7E606E2-29FF-4CF4-A746-EDDA5D43180D.jpegAs an independent consultant with the number one skincare company in North America, I do believe Rodan and Fields skincare products are life changing. Not only does my skin look younger and glowing, but also, I have a fun business that allows me flexibility and will soon give me financial independence. Check it out at to find the right regimen for your skin concerns and to shop and to join our team and live this exciting journey as we go global and become number one in the World.


C59DFF34-4B97-4109-B03B-D1B96AC44699 The first stories about mermaids appeared in ancient Assyria. Though varied, the goddess Atargatis supposedly transformed herself into a mermaid. Sometimes mermaids are associated with perilous events such as floods, storms, shipwrecks, and drownings. In other folk traditions, they can be benevolent or beneficent, bestowing boons or falling in love with humans. Regardless, since the movie Splash, I have loved mermaids and even named my favorite sports car, Ariel, after Disney’s mermaid. My daughter, the artist behind my Blog paintings, is my favorite mermaid, because she saved me when I was struggling while snorkeling in Hawaii a few years ago.  Anyway, that scaly look on mermaids can certainly be helped with our new skincare product. Let me know if you want to know more…

Healthy Skin

7F4D569D-DFC4-48F6-BD4A-3982CA04BA43.jpegOur largest organ in our body is our skin. It is our first line of defense. Recently, my daughter had a severe allergic skin reaction that caused great irritation and pain. This reminded me how important skin is to our health. There are many factors that contribute to the aging of our skin with the greatest preventable one being protection from harmful sun exposure. Our collagen production also stops in our twenties and we lose 1-2 % each year thereafter. How can we protect our skin and slow the aging process? The world is clearly undersupplied with dermatologists, but I am part of a business that is rapidly spreading globally that can truly be life changing.