Lawn Expence

471C76D8-332A-4F6F-A453-D14F976419E0Growing up on a small farm in Southern Virginia instilled a grand work ethic in me. So throughout life, I have strived to be independent. But our world has changed and sometimes I just do not understand… “WHY” I often ask and that has lead me to reach out to others on this BLOG.
In this inaugural post, I have chosen to discuss lawn care. Last weekend, as my son and I traveled along a rural setting in Virginia, we noted that the only people we saw outside their homes were all cutting grass. Most of the lawns were greater than 1/2 acre and most were being cut by large lawn tractor mowers. We didn’t see anyone actually enjoying their lawns, not even children playing. Now, just to be clear, I have a sizable lawn and I hire someone to care for mine; but, my neighborhood association requires it. Here’s my question: why do we spend so much money and time maintaining lawns we rarely use??