Today I used my “map app” on my smart phone to guide me to the exact point where someone was located. Then I used it to find a particular business location and then a county fair. We are so accustomed to this modern technology that old fashioned maps are scarce. Years ago I kept state and national maps in my car, but who does that anymore?? The art of reading and following a map is fading fast and I wonder if that will pose real threats in the future. Anyway, it is still fun to look at maps and daydream about all the places to visit and explore.
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Smart Phones

C2D13300-64C9-4962-9B05-0E214D7115BASmart phones are amazing! Personally I depend on mine for business. Phone calls, texts, e-mails, searches, social media, limitless apps like camera, navigation, weather, etc. make it an important part of my day.  BUT, it is also changing our culture in a potentially dangerous way. It seems as though we are using smart phones so much that we are losing social skills because we interact directly less with people. How do we prevent artificially “intelligent” gadgets from taking charge??