Richmond, VA


Richmond has become one of my favorite cities. Growing up about two hours away, my family occasionally went to Richmond for shopping and medical care. Later in life, I would live there and it became home for my children. Richmond is the capital of Virginia and is conveniently located centrally with quick access to the beach, mountains and Washington D.C. With a metropolitan population of about 1.3 million people, it has lots of cultural events and a rich history. Now that I have lived away for a number of years, I have a new appreciation for all that Richmond has to offer. Of course, with three children who live there, I might have some bias.

Lawn Expence

471C76D8-332A-4F6F-A453-D14F976419E0Growing up on a small farm in Southern Virginia instilled a grand work ethic in me. So throughout life, I have strived to be independent. But our world has changed and sometimes I just do not understand… “WHY” I often ask and that has lead me to reach out to others on this BLOG.
In this inaugural post, I have chosen to discuss lawn care. Last weekend, as my son and I traveled along a rural setting in Virginia, we noted that the only people we saw outside their homes were all cutting grass. Most of the lawns were greater than 1/2 acre and most were being cut by large lawn tractor mowers. We didn’t see anyone actually enjoying their lawns, not even children playing. Now, just to be clear, I have a sizable lawn and I hire someone to care for mine; but, my neighborhood association requires it. Here’s my question: why do we spend so much money and time maintaining lawns we rarely use??