Most dogs and many people harbor parasites within their body. These can be life threatening if not adequately treated. The parasite uses its host’s resources and gives nothing in return.
Likewise a person who habitually relies on others and gives nothing in return is a parasite by definition. I believe we have far too many of these people in our society that have been enabled by our social programs, which were initially designed to help those in need. Today the programs have been abused to a level that has lead to entitlement. This phenomenon, like parasites, needs proper treatment to save its host (our society). What can we do?

Labor Day

EB896B84-7805-44EE-B438-CEECBA37200CLabor Day honors American labor and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws, and well-being of the country. Though we all seem to want to celebrate the holiday, we seem to have forgotten the value of work. It is harder to live on minimal wages than welfare. We tax income, but give exemptions for having mortgage debt/interest. How can we be economically prosperous when labor is not properly rewarded?